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A huge number of the world have Specific Learning Difficulties. The NHS estimates up to 1/5 of the British population have a SpLD. Yet often it can feel like a modern phenomenon or a new "politically correct" way to talk about stupidity. But it is none of these things. 


We need as a society need to look at how we think of intelligence and learning. By understanding what learning difficulties are and how they affect people, we can then understand that there is no 'normal' brain and in fact with the challenges of SpLDs are also some incredible advantages. 


Everything is Going to be KO is a huge project.  We want to tell our stories, record experiences and be vocal about how SpLDs effect us.  It's a book and a show but it also has to be a library of resources and collective stories. It's a call to arms and a shout of pride.

I am Kaiya Stone and I started this project when I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia in my second year at Oxford University. It completely changed my life and my perception of myself. But it also gave me the language to understand the way that I thought and worked. It took a very long time to be able to understand myself and my brain. When I was looking for help it just wasn't there. There were loads of resources for children but it was almost like everyone expected the learning difficulties disappeared once you left school. This is just one way of trying to provide help and create a community.

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